John Hancock Signature Room

3 Jan

If you have ever been to the great city of Chicago, Illinois there is no doubt you saw the beautiful John Hancock Building! Last summer I was fortunate enough to eat dinner in the John Hancock Signature Room, located at the top of the building. This room overlooks the entire city and boy is it beautiful at night! I highly recommend anyone taking a trip to Chicago to make reservations at this beautiful location! You do have to get dressed up and it is pricy BUT very well worth it!

Has anyone else been to the John Hancock Signature Room? What did you think?

Make your reservation here:

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A couple friends and I!

A couple friends and I!

My view!

My view!

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The John Hancock!

The John Hancock!


Lake Powell

3 Jan

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful readers! I hope you all have a fantastic new year full of happiness! 🙂 I found myself yet again looking at another beautiful summer vacation spot in Arizona!

The second-largest man-made lake in America (after Lake Mead), and one of the most beautiful in the world, Lake Powell is a boater’s paradise. Bordered by sandstone canyons, the lake is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which covers hundreds of miles in Arizona and Utah.

Located in: Page, Arizona 

There’s boating, camping, hiking and mountain biking. There are four marinas, two of which rent watercraft. The boating can be low-key – rent a kayak for a few hours – or upscale – go for broke and rent a luxury houseboat. 🙂 This lake is beautiful and I definitely want to make a trip out to Arizona one of these days to spend a few nights on Lake Powell!

Now, if you are not into staying on houseboat but want to visit this lake there is a adorable bed and breakfast Canyon Colors Bed & Breakfast! 

Lake Powell also has its very own resort check that out HERE.

Let me know what ya`ll think of this beautiful lake! For more information visit:

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Georgetown Cupcake

30 Dec

For those of you who watch TLC on a regular basis like myself, I am sure you have watched the show “DC CUPCAKES.” I always loved watching this show and of course was drooling while watching every episode. I would absolutely love to visit Georgetown Cupcakes one of these days! They do have 6 locations but I want to visit the one in D.C!

Not only would it be amazing to actually try these cupcakes out, but how awesome would it be to see the two stars of the show Katherine and Sophie! Has anyone been to Georgetown Cupcakes? Let us know what you think! I know there is an option to order them online and have them shipped to your front door (awesome birthday gift idea)!


Get more info here:

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Country Music Fest

28 Dec

Do ya`ll love country music? Well if you do you should probably check out the Country Music Fest in Nashville, Tennessee that takes place every summer. Being at the Country Music Fest has always been a dream of mine and my mother has actually agreed to “think” about taking us this summer! The Fest takes place over a weekend and features more than 400 of country musics greatest stars!

They have packages available that include a pass for the whole weekend, parking passes and a hotel to stay at! You can get all the information here at the website:

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Sleeping Bear Dunes

28 Dec

Sleeping Bear Dunes located in Glen Arbor, Michigan. I have been fortunate enough to have the chance to visit this beautiful city last summer. The Dunes overlook Lake Michigan, one of the five beautiful lakes surrounding this state! Sleeping Bear Dunes were actually named “The Most Beautiful Place In America” by Good Morning America.

For places to stay, I highly recommend The Homestead , a beautiful resort located right next to the Dunes! Weather you love the outdoors and want to go hike on the dunes or would rather spend the day soaking up the sun on the Dunes this is a great place to visit! Plenty of campground surround the area swell as beautiful resorts.

Get more information here: &

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The Homestead

The Homestead

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Lake Cumberland

27 Dec

When I was little my dad always used to talk about taking us out on a houseboat for a week on Lake Cumberland. It never happened and since then I have always really wanted to go. Lake Cumberland is located in Russell Springs, Kentucky. Many people rent house boats and travel out on the huge lake for a week or two in the summer! Lake Cumberland is actually considered the houseboat capital of the world! This seems like an ideal vacation to me. Now, if you love the lake life but can’t see yourself on a boat all day and night there are many beautiful bed and breakfasts, resorts, campgrounds, and cabin resorts right on the lake!

For more information visit their website!

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Rock Creek

27 Dec

I know I haven’t mentioned it yet but I am absolutely in love with horseback riding and have been ever since I was a little girl! Every summer my parents and I would visit a Dude Ranch near our home and ride horses, eat at the pig roast, and go to the rodeo! There is nothing I love more then cowgirl boots and a flannel!

The Ranch at Rock Creek located in Philpsburg, Montana is definitely a dream destination for any horseback riding junkies like myself.  They offer lessons, scenic rides, advanced and experienced rides swell! All the riding is western style (which is my personal favorite).

Although horseback riding is the main purpose of the ranch, Rock Creek also offers a beautiful spa, fly fishing, hiking, gun shooting and they also offers winter activities for those cold months! Rock Creek offers their ranch as a wedding venue as well. Imagine getting married among the beautiful mountains of Montana or making it your honey moon destination!

This place looks beautiful and I hope if I don’t get to visit it one of you gets too! Get more information here:

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Wizards Hat

27 Dec

If you are ever in the city of Brandon, Oregon make sure to visit the Wizards Hat located right on Oregon’s Coast. The best time to visit Wizards Hat is in the summer seasons or any time from May-September when the weather is clear! This place is definitely on my bucket list. Brandon is widely known for its beautiful beaches since it is located right on the coast!

For anyone who enjoys golfing Brandon has 2 beautiful golf courses: Brandon Dunes Golf Resort, and Brandon Crossings Golf Course!

This little city seems great for some relaxation by the ocean!

Wizards Hat

Wizards Hat

Gig Harbor, Washington

27 Dec

If I ever make it over to the West Side I would love to visit the small city of Gig Harbor in Washington. From my research it seems to be a cute little city with a clam and relaxing vibe. If you are into Bed and Breakfasts check out this adorable place I found called No Cabbages bed & Breakfast . Seems like a perfect place to kick back for the night and not to mention it is right on the water!

I fell in love with camping about 4 summers ago and ever since then I keep searching for exciting places to camp. Although these are just on my bucket list, maybe one of you will actually go! Check out this beautiful state park located right in Gig Harbor, not to mention it over looks the Olympic Mountains!

Gig Harbor is a great place for your typical outdoors man BUT it can also be a place for a city girl to get away from the craziness and kick back! There are many great wineries and fine dining restaurants located in Gig Harbor! I would love to visit this cute little city for a week and just get away from the madness. Learn more about Gig Harbor, Washington here:

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No Cabbages Bed & Breakfast


27 Dec

First destination of my dreams: Cedarwood, a beautiful historic farm where couples can have their dream wedding.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I have been dreaming about my wedding day since I have been a very little girl. I stubbled apon Cedarwood about a year ago when researching ideal wedding locations. I instantly fell in love with the venue just from the photographs on the website and quickly added it to my on going list in my owl journal named “Dream Wedding.” I know there are many brides to be out there that are probably looking for a beautiful place to get married. Although this may be pricy, if you are into the southern chic look I think Cedarwood is the place to get married. Visit their website for more information:

Please let me know what ya`ll think!

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